Men Becoming God Men Meeting

Men Becoming God Men Meeting

New Jerusalem Church

time 7:00 pm

Every Third Saturday from

January 17, 2015

Men Becoming God Men “Called, Chosen, Faithful” (Rev. 17:14b)

“During this hour, it is my intent to reach every man that is seeking the depths of their spirituality. Come that you may obtain the tools to MASTERY. Hear and receive the impartation of the apostolic ministry through the laying on of hands, and may you be blessed through Jesus Christ, my Lord.”

- Apostle  Perry

Come to our monthly meeting each third Saturday night at 7:00pm and experience a sample of what this RETREAT will be. MAKE THAT SACRIFICE AND BRING A FRIEND.

Location: New Jerusalem Church Main Sanctuary

Date: Each 3rd Saturday

Time: 7:00pm